Pills of Research

The initiative aims at creating a closer relationship between the students of the Scuola and the Professors of the University, by offering to the students the opportunity to know directly the research activities taking place in the territory.

The meetings will take place weekly at 8 pm and will involve, on alternate weeks, students of the Humanities and Social Sciences Class and of the Experimental Sciences Class. At the end of “the 15 minutes pill”, the teacher stays for dinner with the students to discuss in an informal atmosphere.

The teacher is free to set up his speech, however paying attention to balance the speech between the specific and the informative.
All professors interested in the initiative can fill out the form below and send it by e-mail to pillolediricerca@ssc.unict.it:


Relatrice: Daniela Romano | Data: 25 gennaio, ore 14.30


Relatore: Emanuele Zappalà | Data: mercoledì 18 gennaio 2023, ore 16


Relatrice: Claire Debucquois | Data: Martedì 8 novembre 2022, ore 19


Relatore: Davide Lombardo | Data: Venerdì 16 settembre 2022, ore 19.30